Municipal Court of Loganville (2024)

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605 Tom Brewer Road, PO Box 39
Loganville, GA 30052

Phone: 770-466-8087


Online Court Resources

Resources for the Municipal Court of Loganville as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Walton County, Georgia, and resources applicable to all courts inGeorgia.

Published opinions and orders

Attorney General Legal Opinions

Search or view Georgia Attorney General official and unofficial legal opinions.

Online fine payments

Pay Loganville Municipal Court Citations

Pay Loganville Municipal Court citations online. A fee applies.

Pay Super-Speeder and Failure to Appear Fines

Pay fines for Super Speeder and Failure to Appear violations online to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You will need the transaction ID on the notice sent by the Department, your driver's license number, and your date of birth.

Self help, legal research, general information

Newton and Walton County Law Libraries

View information about the Newton County and Walton County Law Libraries, including hours, location, and available materials.

Municipal Court Information

View information about Municipal Courts, download a court conduct brochure, and watch videos explaining arraignment, trial, appeals, and other Municipal Court procedures.

Child Support Services

The Georgia Division of Child Support Services offers child support services, application forms, and instructions; online customer service; answers to frequently asked questions; and information about paternity, child support, case status, payment, enforcement, non-custodial parents, and interstate cases.

Court Rules

View the Uniform Rules for Superior, State, Juvenile, Magistrate, Probate, and Municipal Courts.

Georgia Accountability Courts

Georgia Drug Courts, DUI Courts, Juvenile Drug Courts, Family Dependency Treatment Courts, Mental Health Courts, and Veterans Courts can set up treatment programs in lieu of incarceration for some offenders. Links include a directory of all Georgia Accountability Courts, a list of links to some individual Accountability Court websites, calendars, and sample forms.

Instructions for Expungement of Georgia Criminal Records

Download a step by step instruction sheet for obtaining an expungement of Georgia arrest records.

DUI and Defensive Driving Schools

The Georgia Department of Driver Services provides information about its DUI Risk Reduction Program, which is required before restoration of driving privileges; and its Defensive Driving Program, which can result in dismissed charges or reduced points and insurance premiums for some offenders. Links to approved schools are included.

Georgia Laws

Search the Official Code of Georgia by keyword, or browse by table of contents.

Information for Consumers

The Georgia Department of Law Consumer Protection Unit offers information about various consumer topics, consumer education, tips about scams, and instructions and forms for filing a consumer complaint.

Legal Information and Legal Assistance

Legal information topics include Children's Law, Civil Rights, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Disability Law, Disaster Relief, Domestic Violence, Employment, Family Law, Housing, Immigration, Military, Personal Injury, Public Benefits, Wills and Life Planning, and the court system in general.

Traffic and Motor Vehicle Information

View and download forms and manuals from the Georgia Department of Driver Services, including a Driver's Manual, Commercial Driver's Manual, Motorcycle Driver's Manual and other traffic and motor vehicle information.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Walton County Lawyers

The Walton County Bar Association offers an online lawyer directory or member attorneys by area of law, which may also be searched by name, practice area, description, contact information, and business tags.

Alcovy Judicial Circuit Lawyers

View a list of lawyers who practice in Newton and Walton Counties, with contact information and type of practice.

Public Defender Services

The Georgia Public Defender Standards Council lists contact information by county for Circuit Public Defenders, Capital Defenders and Mental Health Advocates. Application forms, information about the procedure for determining indigency, and information about mental health matters is included.

Assistance with Complaints about Lawyers

The State Bar of Georgia offers a Consumer Assistance Program for people with complaints or concerns about attorneys, including information and dispute resolution services.

Consumer Protection

The Governor's Office of Consumer Protection offers information about its investigation, civil lawsuit, and criminal charge processes; instructions for filing a complaint; downloadable and online consumer complaint forms; tips and information about various scams; and links to additional consumer resources.

Find Free Legal Assistance

Find organizations offering free legal services and other types of assistance by county and organization name.

Find Recent Attorney Discipline Records

The State Bar of Georgia lists recent information about disciplinary actions taken against attorneys in Georgia.

Georgia Attorney Directory

Search the Georgia State Bar membership directory by name, specialty, law school, and location.

Georgia Legal Services

View information about the Georgia Legal Services Program, which provides free civil legal help for low-income residents.

How to Find a Lawyer

The State Bar of Georgia offers a "How to Choose a Lawyer" pamphlet and links to local bar associations and legal services providers.

Lawyer Fee Arbitration

The State Bar of Georgia offers an arbitration program to help resolve disputes over lawyers's fees. Links to program rules and answers to frequently asked questions are included.

Military Legal Help

The State Bar of Georgia Military Legal Assistance Program provides free or low-cost civil legal services to service members and veterans. An application form is included.


Municipal Court of Loganville (2024)
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