What Refrigerant Does Honda Use? - Honda The Other Side (2024)

Honda uses R-134a and R-1234yf as the refrigerant in their vehicles. This type of refrigerant is environmentally friendly and does not require any hazardous or poisonous byproducts when it’s being manufactured.

If your Honda vehicle uses an R134a refrigerant, you’ll need to replace the entire system if there is a leak. Filling your car or truck with R134a will make it heavier and may affect its performance.

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What Refrigerant Does Honda Use – Model by Model and Year by Year

Honda uses R-134a or 1234yf refrigerant in their vehicles, but there are other options available to you as well.

Yes, there are different types of refrigerants out there. Do your own research please.

Here we are going to create a chart of refrigerant used by different Honda models year by year.

Refrigerants Used In Honda Civic

Here are the table of refrigerants used by Honda Civic different models and years.

ModelYear of manufactureFreon
Honda Civic – Denso compressor1994 – 1995R134a
Honda Civic – Matsush*ta compressor1994 – 1995R134a
Honda Civic – Sanden compressor1994 – 1995R134a
Honda Civic 1,7D CTDi2002 – 2006R134a
Honda Civic 2/3/4-door – Denso compressor1996 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic 2/3/4-door – Sanden compressor1996 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic 5-door1995 – 1997R134a
Honda Civic 5-door – Denso compressor1997 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic 5-door – Sanden compressor1997 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic 5-door Diesel LHD1997 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic 5-door Diesel RHD1997 – 2000R134a
Honda Civic Hybrid IMA LHD2006 – 2010R134a
Honda Civic Hybrid IMA LHD2006 – 2010R134a
Honda Civic VIII 1,4i/1,8i2006 –R134a
Honda Civic VIII 2,2D i-CTDi2006 –R134a
Honda Civic/Civic Coupe (EU/EP/EM) 1,4i/1,6i/2,0i2001 – 2006R134a
Honda Civic IX 1,4i-VTEC/1,8i-VTEC/2,2Di-DTEC LHD2012 –R134a
Honda Civic IX 1,4i-VTEC/1,8i-VTEC/2,2Di-DTEC RHD2012 –R134a

Refrigerants Used In Honda Accord

The type of refrigerator used in Honda Accord is R134a

ModelYear of manufactureFreon
Honda Accord – Denso compressor1993 – 1998R134a
Honda Accord – Denso compressor1998 – 2003R134a
Honda Accord – Hadsys compressor1993 – 1998R134a
Honda Accord – Sanden compressor1998 – 2003R134a
Honda Accord 2,0i/2,4i2003 – 2008R134a
Honda Accord 2,0i/2,4i/2,2D-i-DTEC2008.07 –R134a
Honda Accord 2,2D i-CTDi2003 – 2008R134a
Honda Accord Aerodeck/Coupé – Denso compressor1994 – 1997R134a
Honda Accord Aerodeck/Coupé – Hadsys compressor1994 – 1997R134a
Honda Accord Coupé1998 – 2003R134a
Honda Accord Diesel LHD1996 – 1998R134a
Honda Accord Diesel RHD1996 – 1998R134a

Some Other Honda Models

ModelYear of manufactureFreon
Honda Concerto1993 – 1995R134a
HondaCR-Z 1,5 Hybrid IMA2010 –R134a
HondaCRV (RD)2002 – 2007R134a
Honda CRV 2,0i/2,2D-CTDi/2,4i2007 –R134a
Honda CRV 2,2D i-CTDi (RD)2004 – 2007R134a
HondaCRV RHD1997 – 2002R134a
HondaCRX – Denso compressor1994 – 1997R134a
HondaCRX -Matsush*ta compressor1994 – 1997R134a
HondaCRX -Sanden compressor1994 – 1997R134a
HondaFR-V2007 –R134a
HondaFR-V Denso compressor2005 – 2007R134a
HondaFR-V Sanden compressor2005 – 2007R134a
HondaHR-V (GH) with air condition at the rear1999 – 2006R134a
HondaHR-V (RU)2014.11 –R1234yf
HondaHR-V 1,6i1999 – 2006R134a
HondaInsight 1,3i DSi-VTEC (IMA/Hybrid) LHD2006 –R134a
HondaInsight 1,3i DSi-VTEC (IMA/Hybrid) RHD2006 –R134a
HondaJazz2008 – 2015R134a
HondaJazz (GD)2001 – 2008R134a
HondaJazz IV (GK)2013.09 –R1234yf
HondaLegend1996 – 2000R134a
HondaLegend – Denso compressor1993 – 1996R134a
HondaLegend – Hadsys compressor1993 – 1996R134a
HondaLegend IV (KB) 3,5i/3,7i2006.05 –R134a
HondaPrelude1997 – 2001R134a
HondaPrelude LHD1994 – 1996R134a
HondaPrelude RHD1994 – 1996R134a
HondaS20001999 – 2004R134a
HondaShuttle 2,2i/2,3i1995 – 2001R134a
HondaShuttle 2,2i/2,3i with air conditioning at the rear1995 – 2001R134a
HondaStream 1,7i2001 – 2006R134a
HondaStream 2,0i2001 – 2006R134a
HondaStream 2,0i with air conditioning at the rear2001 – 2006R134a

What type of refrigerant does a 2018 Honda Civic use?

The Honda Civic uses a type of refrigerant called R-1234yf. This refrigerant is nonconductive and it’s not as flammable as PAG. According to Honda, POE oil is being used because it’s nonconductive and it’s not as flammable as PAG.

The 2016 Pilot, Civic, and Fit EV are using R-1234yf. If you own a 2018 Honda Civic, be sure to use POE oil in your compressor system.

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What refrigerant is used in a 2017 Honda Civic?

R-134a is a refrigerant that is used in the 2017 Honda Civic. This type of air conditioner needs to work well with this refrigerant for it to function properly.

If your car doesn’t have r-134a, you might need to find a replacement part or repair it yourself if possible. It’s important to keep an eye on the air conditioner and make sure it’s functioning correctly so you can avoid sweaty summer mornings.

Make sure your Honda Civic has working r-134a before hitting the road this summer for optimum comfort.

Can you use R-134a instead of R-1234yf?

R-1234yf is no longer in production, so you will need to switch to R-134a if you want your air conditioning to work properly. Service shops can stock one product, PN 702, and use it for any vehicle.

You don’t have to be an expert or a mechanic to change the air conditioning unit; just contact a service shop and they’ll take care of everything for you. The answer is yes, it will: even though R-1234yf has been discontinued, service shops can still stock PN 702 and use it with all types of vehicles.

No matter what type of AC system your car uses, there’s a likely chance that PN 702 will fit the bill – so don’t worry about anything.

Why did they switch to R-1234yf?

The auto industry has transitioned some U.S. models to R-1234yf in order to achieve commonality with European models and gain CAFE credits from the EPA.

R-1234yf is a more efficient fuel than R-22, which was the previous standard for automotive air conditioning systems in the United States.

Some consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of using R-1234yf instead of other energy sources, but it should have minimal impact on climate change when compared to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel oil.

Automakers are making this switch in order to meet stricter emissions standards set by federal agencies like the EPA – without having to completely update their fleet or invest significant money into new technology infrastructure

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When did Honda start using 1234yf?

The 1234YF system is a new vehicle identification number that was introduced by General Motors in 2013.

It is anticipated that by 2025 all vehicles will utilize this unique system.

Chrysler, Honda, and Subaru models followed suit in 2017. While it wasn’t the first to introduce this technology, GM has been leading the way with full conversion in 2018.

What does this mean for car buyers?

For one thing, it makes tracking your vehicle’s history much easier.

When did cars need R-1234yf?

In 2021, all new vehicles will be required to use the updated R-1234yf refrigerant in their air conditioning systems. This change was made in an effort to lessen the effects of leaking A/C systems on our environment.

The new class of refrigerant is more durable and less harmful to our planet than previous options.

Be sure your car has been serviced and upgraded with the latest refrigerant technology by your mechanic before 2021 so you don’t experience any problems when this law goes into effect.

Check with your automobile manufacturer for specific information about whether or not they have already begun using R-1234yf in their vehicles

How much is 1234yf freon?

R1234yf refrigerant is a necessary component in many commercial and residential AC systems. The average market price of the R1234yf refrigerant varies depending on the region, but it typically costs around $120 per pound.

If you need to replace your refrigerator’s freon system, be sure to consult an expert to get accurate pricing information for your specific model.

Refrigerators that use R1234yf are more expensive than those that use other types of refrigerants, but they’re still affordable if you factor in the cost of replacement parts and labor.

Be aware that replacing your refrigerator’s freon system can be costly – so do your research before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy 1234yf?

There is no need to be certified when purchasing 1234yf refrigerant. However, if you are purchasing for wholesale or less than two pounds of refrigerant then you will need to be 609 certified with the EPA.

What happens if you put the wrong refrigerant in your car?

If you are not sure which refrigerant your vehicle takes, DIY A/C charging may not be for you.

What happens if you put R-134a in a R-1234yf system?

If you are using R-134a in a R-1234yf system, it is recommended that you consult your installer for assistance.

What cars use R-1234yf?

Ten of the OEM groups currently produce more than 90% of their vehicles sold in the US using R-1234yf.

Why is 134a being phased out?

It is the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and it will no longer be approved for use in new light-duty vehicles manufactured or sold in the United States as of model year 2021.

Does Walmart sell 1234yf refrigerant?

No, Walmart does not sell 1234yf refrigerant.

How long should R-1234yf last?

A/C system service intervals average a minimum of 3 years or 60,000 miles. R-1234yf requires a compatible oil for effective use. (Some PAG, PVE, and POE oils are also back ward compatible with R-134a but not vice versa.)

Is R-1234yf more expensive?

R-1234yf has a higher price tag than R134. However, its eventual decreased availability means that the price of Freon will start to go up as supplies dwindle.

What does 1234yf smell like?

When 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene is exposed to air it will decompose into several chemicals. One of these chemicals is Trifluoroacetic acid which smells like vinegar.

Does 1234yf have oil in it?


What refrigerant is used in 2022 cars?

Almost all 2022 vehicles and newer will have R1234yf. It’s not a question of if, but when, a shop or parts store will have to deal with this refrigerant.

What is the difference between 134a and 1234yf?

If you have a R1234yf air conditioning unit, it is important to follow these steps to diagnose the system properly:

  1. Check the filters regularly – even if they’re not being used. Filters can clog and cause trouble with your air conditioning.
  2. Disconnect all power from the AC unit – this will help stop any sparks or fire that might be happening in there.
  3. Put some paper towels on each end of a long extension cord and wind them around one of the poles outside of your home (or use an electrician’s wire). This will create an “air handler” which will cool and suck up as much cold air as possible from inside your building without creating sparks or fires Recap
    Honda uses R-22 refrigerant in their vehicles. This chlorofluorocarbon is known to cause climate change and has been banned by the European Union.
What Refrigerant Does Honda Use? - Honda The Other Side (2024)
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