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Congress’ War Authorization Must Reverse Sequestration


Scholte: Obama is “Cleaning Up His Own Mess”

Congress’ War Authorization Must Reverse Sequestration

Suzanne Scholte, a globally recognized human rights advocate and candidate for Congress in Northern Virginia’s 11th district, released this statement in response to President Obama’s speech laying out his plan to attack the Islamic State:

President Obama’s precipitous and reckless withdrawal from Iraq allowed for the rise of the Islamic State. The President’s singular focus to cut the military and disengage from world leadership lead to last night’s speech—where President Obama has now been forced to clean up his own mess.

Our military will strike the Islamic State, but it will also be in a weaker position to do so because of the President’s sequestration bill supported by Gerry Connolly. The hacksaw sequester cuts have left our military weaker than it has been in decades, weaker for the fight the President has now called them to take on.

The threat the Islamic State is a perfect example of why we must reverse sequestration, and when Congress votes to authorize funding for this mission, I call on both parties to reverse the disastrous sequestration cuts.


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