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Release: Does Connolly Agree with Foust's Sexist Comments?

Scholte Condemns Remarks, Calls on Connolly to Condemn as Well

Springfield, VA - Republican congressional candidate Suzanne Scholte (VA-11) issued a statement today condemning John Foust for saying Delegate Barbara Comstock has never "had a real job."

Scholte also called for her opponent, Gerry Connolly, who has made Foust’s election a top priority for Democrats, to condemn the remark. 

Scholte's statement:

Any woman who has been a mother, any woman who has served as a federal worker, and any woman who has been a leader in the private sector has had a 'real job.' 

Barbara has done all three, and John Foust--as well as Gerry Connolly and other Virginia Democrat leaders--need to apologize and disavow this incredibly offensive remark. 

Do Northern Virginia Democrats really want to stand behind this statement that federal workers don't have "real job[s]"? 

Gerry Connolly voted for the sequester and has belittled federal workers during a Congressional hearing on the IRS investigation --making it clear he doesn't value federal workers either. Northern Virginians deserve better and I hope they will vote for both Barbara and me as we will be better representatives for the thousands of federal employees in Northern Virginia. 


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