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Suzanne Scholte Statement on Labor Day

Suzanne Scholte made the following remarks regarding Labor Day:

"This Labor Day, we celebrate America's workforce, which continues to be among the world leaders in productivity and innovation. Regardless the difficulties we face under this tepid economy, America's workers are the one bright spot that we can count on.

"This Labor Day, our challenge is that many Americans have no labor because they cannot find work. Gerry Connolly's vote for the sequester has slowed Northern Virginia's economy to a halt--workers' incomes are not growing and many contractors cannot find decent jobs. 

"On this day when we honor those who work, we must rededicate our efforts to create jobs and improve the economy for working families and for those seeking work. We need a new, proven leader in Congress to fight for Northern Virginia's workers to ensure a sequester never happens again. 

"It's my hope that we will soon have a Congress that respects and embraces the creativity and dedication of the Northern Virginia's workforce, unleashing our region's potential and creating more opportunities for all."

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