AUDIO: Shaun Kenney Discusses VA-11 on "The Score"

From Bearing Drift:

Republican Party of Virginia Executive Director Shaun Kenney discussed Suzanne's race on "The Score" with Scott Lee:

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  • commented 2014-10-20 17:45:48 -0400
    In an appearance together last week Suzanne commented that unlike her opponent she would treat people who come before her committees with respect and she would be especially mindful of families of those who fall in service to America. His answer was how dare you question me-I was in Beirut in the 80’s as a staffer and when the Marine Barracks was bombed a man I knew died. So, then if he had that kind of empathetic experience one has to doubly ask, why didn’t that experience tell him how important it would be to NOT blow off the families of the dead at Benghazi? All of which tells you everything you need to know about Connolly and why he has an approval rating in the lo 40"s.