Photos: Suzanne at Holy Spirit Catholic Church Picnic

Suzanne visited the Holy Spirit Catholic Church picnic in Annandale yesterday. Not only was it a great opportunity to hear from voters in the 11th District, but Suzanne brought people together! Check out these photos:

Korea Times Coverage of Event Planning Meeting

The Korea Times featured an article written by our Korean Americans for Suzanne Scholte co-chair Ok Cha Soh, Ph.D., regarding our upcoming "Celebrating America" event:

Video: Scholte Ad on WKTV

Check out this ad for Suzanne running on WKTV, Northern Virginia's Korean language television station:

Photos: Business Tour in Fairfax City

Suzanne participated in a business tour in Fairfax City yesterday. She was joined by Fairfax City Councilwoman Eleanor Schmidt. Take a look at some of these photos from the tour:

Photos: Suzanne at the Prince William County GOP Labor Day Picnic

Suzanne joined the Prince William County Republican Party in celebrating America's workforce on Labor Day. Here are some photos from the event:

(Suzanne speaking to the crowd)

(Congressman Rob Wittman, Suzanne Scholte, and Delegate Rich Anderson)


(Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, Congressman Rob Wittman, Suzanne Scholte, and Delegate Rich Anderson)

(Suzanne and the staff of Dixie Bones, who provided the food for the event)

Meet Suzanne Scholte, GOP contender for Congress

From InsideNoVa:

Suzanne Scholte has worked for years to secure human rights in North Korea and Western Sahara, but lately her thoughts have turned to crises facing her home country.

“All the work that I’ve done for freedom, democracy and human rights abroad doesn’t matter if we lose America,” she said. “I really think that our country is at a very serious crossroads. We’re definitely losing influence around the world rapidly.”

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Keep Townhallin' Suzanne

From the Fairfax Free Citizen:

What a breath of fresh air! Suzanne Scholte, the Republican nominee for the House of Representatives in Virginia’s 11th District, has organized and led two open and informative Town Hall meetings with 11th District constituents over the course of two weeks. That’s two more Town Halls than incumbent Democrat Congressman Gerry Connolly has convened in recent memory.

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Video: Suzanne's Korean Church Coalition Speech

Suzanne Scholte, the President of North Korea Freedom Coalition, speaks at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. for KCC (Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom):

Video: Suzanne's Speech at KCC Rally

Suzanne Scholte, the President of North Korea Freedom Coalition, speaks at KCC (Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom) 2014 Rally on West Lawn of US Capitol:

11th District Race Worth Watching

From RedNoVa:

The 11th Congressional District of Virginia, which includes all of the City of Fairfax, most of Fairfax County and parts of Prince William County, has been rigged as a solid district for the Democrats. Republicans came real close in 2010 when we lost by around 900 votes. Since then redistricting has made the district more favorable to the Democrat incumbent, Gerry Connolly. Any typical Republican will have a very difficult time running in this part of Northern Virginia. But Republican nominee Suzanne Scholte is not your typical Republican.

Mrs. Scholte is an expert on foreign policy having spent decades working to bring more individual freedom to East Asia. She has won numerous awards for her efforts such as the Seoul Peace Prize in 2008, the Walter Judd Freedom Award in 2010, the Sungnye Diplomatic Service Medal in 2013, and this year she added the Sanders Peace and Social Justice Award to her list of achievements.

Her reach to demographics outside the typical Republican sphere goes beyond East Asia. Next week a group called North Africans for Suzanne Scholte will host an event called A Night in the Sahara. This is a great example of her campaign reaching out to a group not often specifically engaged by Republicans in the past.

This all adds a very important characteristic to this race; Mrs. Scholte can bring to the polls a diverse group of voters that typically do not vote, or when they do they don’t usually vote for Republicans. She really could engage a lot of potential voters who are, right now, sitting off the political radar. Making moves like a Night in the Sahara will bring voters to the polls who sit off the lists of polling firms and political consultants thus making her a sleeper candidate who could really make some noise on Election Day.

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