Suzanne's Remarks At The Virginia Republican Convention

As prepared for delivery:

In  1847, a man named Hendrick Pieter Scholte, came to America leading a group of 40 families seeking religious freedom.  He had been part of a spiritual awakening in the Netherlands that had put him at odds with the established church.  He was jailed for preaching the Gospel and his followers were harassed and forbidden to gather.  He and his fellow Dutch pioneers decided to come to America to be a free people.   In 2008, a woman named Song Hwa Han came to America with her two daughters after escaping from North Korea, a country that controlled every single aspect of their lives.  Because the government even restricted travel, when famine came, Song Hwa’s family slowly started to starve to death.  After seeing her mother, husband, and sons die, Song Hwa vowed to save her remaining two daughters and together they escaped to America to be a free people.


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VIdeo: Suzanne's Speech at Lunar New Year

Suzanne's speech at Lunar New Year with the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia in Eden Center: